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S & S Associates is a Higher Education,immigration, Business & Legal renowned consultancy firm providing necessary assistance for the aspiring students eager to pursue higher studies abroad, immigration services & legal matters. Our skilled educational & Immigrant consultants are open to integrate with applicants helping them to fulfill their long desired dreams of studying overseas & immigration service. Applicants are welcome with required information and will receive great services from our team. Positivity and determination will help applicants to reach their goals and we are ready to help them in every step they need to achieve their motto. We are the best in Immigration law and educational advocacy. We have last 07 years very successful working experiences all over the world.

We have last 07 years very successful working
experiences all over the world.
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How S & S Associates helps to study abroad and build career?

Country and University Selection

Every student has a definite career aim. According to student’s academic results and affordability counselors suggest the best possible option of universities for them. So, a student can understand his capability in selecting the desired country which will be a best fit for him.

Admission Procedure

We ensure full support for the university applications procedure, from the start to the end. That is why S&S Associates is reliable to the guardians of the students.

Visa Processing

S&S Associates is a pioneer in student visa processing. In our professional careers, we have solved a remarkable number of student visa refusals and have sufficient knowledge, tips on how to get success on visa application.